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You read a book or watched a tape and you are now ready to try out a table game at the Casino. When you get there your confidence slowly slips away and you are not sure if you want to actually sit down at a table. Don't worry you are not alone. Many people experience a little fear the first time they try a new game. But there is help. Most of the well known casinos offer free casino gambling lessons for table games. This is an excellent way to get over your fear of sitting down to a new game. Usually there is an explanation of how the game is played, the rules and proper table procedures that you need to know. This is then followed by some actual play with "funny money" or non-value chips.

By playing these free practice hands you can get a real feel for the flow of the game. Sometimes the casino will also offer a live game with lower table minimums after the lesson. You will be sitting at a table with new players and it will help you relax. Are they teaching the games honestly or do they actually give you advice that would make you bet with a house advantage? The majority of casinos give accurate information. Most people interested enough to take a lesson to learn a game are intelligent and will probably read more about a game after the lesson. If they are not given the truth during a lesson they will not have much faith in the casino and will go elsewhere to play. That is a smart approach for a casino to take. There are a few reasons to take lessons at a casino.

 If you want to know how a game is played but not sure it is something you'll want to play, you can get a pretty good idea during a lesson. If you find it's fun you can go on to study it further. Taking a break between gambling sessions is always a good idea and a free lesson is a great way to get away from actually gambling while still participating in the thrill of the action. Some of the casinos offer free promotions on casino gambling for taking lessons. Sometimes after the lesson "Match-play" coupons are handed out.

 With a match-play coupon, you bet $5 and receive $10 if you win. One casino was giving out a coupon allowing you to get $25 in chips for a $20 buy in. Either way its Free money. Famous casinos like Bally's in Las Vegas will give you a "Diploma" for completing one of their lessons. Not All casinos offer free casino gambling lessons and some of them only offer lessons during week days. You can find out if the casino you visit offers free lessons by inquiring. Its fun, it's free and its a great way to learn a new game. Why not give it a try.